Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yoga and speech language pathology...

Wow, it has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog. Time to get caught up!!! Since my last post, I decided to move in the direction of Christine Ristuccia and become a certified yoga instructor in addition to being a certified speech language pathologist… And am I glad I did! I have been practicing yoga for years, and now I'm certified to teach as well. And why would yoga be important in the practice of speech language pathology, you ask? Yoga is basically an ancient practice that helps us to calm and center ourselves, and our poses can help us achieve certain emotional effects… As we become aware of our posture, we can create posture for better breathing and hence better speech… Yoga can also serve as an outlet for the anxiety and stress students feel in their day to day lives as they deal with the pressures of school. Checking in with our feelings when we are learning something new can be an important activity. How do you feel when you experience a particular emotion? How does your body move when you experience a particular emotion? Telling a student to relax without giving them the tools to relax can be a problem. Some of the tools that promote calmness and confidence…. great posture developed through a yoga practice is key!! Great head and neck alignment developed through a yoga practice can

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Level J!!

Special request!!!! A good friend is asking me to post some of my favorite books at Fountas and Pinnell's level J... Yes!!! Here we go... Fiction: Clifford the Big Red Dog... several titles Curious George... several titles Froggy books... several titles Henry and Mudge books... several titles There are a few titles by Ezra Jack Keats that I love... Nonfiction... I have to confess I don't know quite so many of these titles, but check out this link: http://www.booksource.com/Departments/Leveled-Reading/Level-J/Nonfiction.aspx

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm attending the American Speech Language Hearing Association convention in Atlanta on Nov 17!! I'll keep you posted on all my amazing finds there.
I'm so sorry that Arise and Shine Forth was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy... we are looking forward to more speech/language musical events soon though! Thanks to Tobias Kramer Roth, who will be helping us out with hurricane Sandy benefit music at PS 115 soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends! You've been asking me where you can see music and sign language together. Thank you! I feel like singing and signing go together like peanut butter and chocolate :) In fact, they're almost the same word except for having two letters transposed. So yes, I will tell you where to go for your next singing and signing adventure... it will be at Arise and Shine Forth, an event for and by women in November. It was conceived by our amazing stake Relief Society Presidency including Jan McKinnon, Maria Pedroza, and Kathleen Wolf... Stay tuned!! Lisa

Thursday, June 30, 2011

singforhope.org-- I love this organization :)

I took a walk yesterday-- the first day out of school!!! Awesome. I'd seen one of the pop-up pianos at Highbridge Park during our 2nd-3rd grade historical field trip, and I wanted to know more!!! Imagine my excitement when I saw a brightly painted piano in my very own beloved Inwood HIlls Park.

I met my neighbor and her cute 2-year-old there yesterday, and we played our best renditions of 'chopsticks' and 'heart and soul', and then we attempted to sight-read a few of the very multicultural songs provided at the piano... We paid homage to Mozart, we made plans to reconvene at the piano for more music soon, and we went on our merry way.

Today: I went for my noon sunshine walk. A cute elementary-school-aged girl and her mother were at the piano, getting ready to play their rendition of 'Lean On Me.' I encouraged this, singing along with my most soulful sound. When they were through, I plopped down and warmed up my fingers with a couple of rusty scales, which, though rusty, still drew a friendly audience. So I dived into "O Solo Mio" at the encouragement of my new tennis playing friend Nosario. We were joined by Rafael, who lent vocals, and soon by a wonderful woman and her 2-year-old charge. After Rafael, an unidentified man with soul (talk about Guantanamera renditions!) and Nosario (Julio Iglesias tunes... wow, who knew there was so much talent around) had given us some tunes, 2-year-old curly boy gave what might have been his first public performance of an original composition and received thunderous applause.

The group made plans to reconvene for more music on Saturday at noon, with volunteers to bring food and strategies for interacting with the adjacent Saturday farmer's market popping out of the woodwork. A community triumph.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excerpt from my first novel, The Authoress... circa 2004.

Writing a novel is a great way to improve your language skills!!

Here's an excerpt from my first complete novel, written about 6-7 years ago. Enjoy!

It all started the day they had the assembly at her school with The Author. Helooked normal. He had brown hair, bespectacled eyes, and a beard and moustache. Hewore a suit, smiled, and held a book in his hand. As he looked over the vast group of assembled children, poking at each other, laughing, and looking at him curiously, he smiled in a very relaxed way. He and the principal were having a little conversation and seemed to be good friends...

Then he began to speak. And when he spoke, everyone became quiet. He had a soft voice, but he talked of the most wonderful things. He talked about creating worlds. He talked about creating people. He talked about writing stories.

He said that in your stories, you could decide everything. You could decide whoyou wanted in your story, how tall they were, and what they liked to eat for dinner. You could decide how they dressed, whether they had any pets, and what kind of toothpaste they used. But most importantly, you could decide what happened to them, and how their best dreams came true.